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Sacrificial Giving

Categories: Bible

Sacrificial giving is a principle that God practices Himself. He gave His only begotten son to redeem his children back from the devil. When Man disobeyed God and fail. God initiated sacrificial giving by giving Jesus.


By giving His only son, God demonstrated the deepest expression of HIS love to us. God now has a great family by that giving.

Our God is a giving God and everyone born of God must live by that example. Proverb 11:24. In God’s kingdom, prosperity is conditional. It comes only when you obey principles. Kingdom Prosperity does not come by much labor. Keys to the kingdom implies kingdom principles.

Life will not give you what you desire, but what you sow. You can never be a giver and end bankrupt in life. Don’t give out of emotions, give purposefully. Our giving is an act of love for God. we give convictionally, purposefully not emotionally.



Note: Every giving attracts a reward so when giving to God do it as it is unto God because he will reward you accordingly.
1. Cheerfully
2. Willingly
3. In Love. 1 Cor. 13:3
4. In Honor. Mal.1:6;
5. Sacrificially.



kingdom prosperity does not happen by chance, it is only by obeying Kingdom principles. When you don’t give God what he deserves, you can’t rise above the level of your giving. God only gives based on the measure you have given. Deut.16:17 “give according to the measure of the blessings of God in your life. Do not envy anyone ‘s success but try to find out about their consecration. You need to be liberated from self in other to give.

The only place in the Bible that asked us to put Him on trial, test Him and see is in Malachi. Tithing is an act of obedience and every act of obedience attracts the goodness of God.


Let God deliver you from you – self. Favor begets favor, same with kindness. God receive from you first by looking at your heart.

1. Give to the poor. Proverbs 20:20.Psalms 41:1-2. It make an Eternal Impact. For us to experience liberation, we must not just be a praying church but the church that obeys God by giving. You cannot substitute prayer for obedience. To encounter God you must be word based. True worshipers worship based on word encounters.

2. Give to live long. 2 Cor. 8:1-7. The giving grace that releases you into kingdom prosperity is another type of grace according to Paul. You cannot be a giver and be depress. Spiritual parent and earthly parent. To live long is based on honor you give to your parents.

Paul told the church of Corinth that they should be like the church of Macedonia if the must break out of poverty.There is a power we must pray for; to be empowered to give. There are some blessings that are tied to our obedience to God. It does not come from just prayers. To be empowered for wealth, we must first be empowered to give. Proverbs 11:25. The Liberal soul shall be made fat and he that waters shall be watered.

#Note: Giving cannot be done without grace.

3. Love for God. Compassion for the people Jesus died for. Lovers are givers. Our resources goes in the direction of what we treasure. Mathew 6:24 – God cannot truly have me and not have my time, money and attention. #Proof to God that you are living to him.

When you give to your prophet you need a blessing not a thank. In your day of trouble what will speak for you? You that do not have giving relationship with God.

Your seed is your future, ask God to give you seed and ask for giving grace to obey it. The Macedonian church gave themselves to God and they were able to give God.

Author: godsarmy