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Our Belief

This is the statement of Bible doctrine as believed and taught by the God’s Army International outreach ministry. This statement of faith has its source in the Bible and is in total agreement with the foundational principles of the doctrines of Christ.


That the Bible contains the inspired and infallible Word of God. (2 Timothy 3:16, 2 Peter 1: 20-21).

That there is only one God eternally existent in three persons; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. (Ephesians 4:5-6, Gen. 1:26, Matthew 3:16-17).

In the deity of Christ. (John 1: 1-4; John 10:30; Hebrews 1:1-5):

i. He was born of a virgin (Matthew 1:18-25; Luke 1:30-35).

ii. He was conceived of the Holy Ghost (Matthew 1:18-25, Luke 1:30-35).

iii. He died (John 19:30-35).

iv. He rose again from the dead bodily (John 20:25-29, Luke 24:36-40).

v. He ascended into heaven bodily (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17; Mk 16;19.


In the rapture of the church and the Second coming of Christ. (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17; Matthew 29-30).

That the only means of being cleansed from sin is repentance and faith in the precious blood of Jesus.(Acts 3:19, Luke 24:47; Ephesians 1:7)

In regeneration by the power of the Holy Spirit through the Word of God is essential for personal salvation (Titus 2:5, John 3:3-5, Ephesians 5:25-27)

That the redemptive work of Christ on the cross provides divine healing for the body, salvation for the soul of everyone that believes. (1 Peter 2: 24; Acts 3: 16, Acts 9: 32 – 35)

That when an individual receives the Holy Ghost, he receives divine enablement for Christian service and witness. (Acts 1: 8; 2:4; 3:1 – 26; 4:5 – 12) 

In the sanctifying power of the Holy Ghost. (Romans 15: 16; 1 Corinthians 6:11) 

In the final resurrection of both the saved and the lost; the former to eternal life and the latter to eternal judgement.(Revelations 20: 11 – 15; 1 Corinthians 15: 12 – 23)

In water baptism. Baptism in water is by immersion, is a direct commandment of our Lord, and is for believers only. The ordinance is a symbol of the Christian’s identification with Christ in His death, burial, and resurrection (Matthew. 28:19; Romans. 6:4; Colossians. 2:12; Acts 8:36–39). The following recommendation regarding the water baptismal formula is adopted; to wit:On the confession of your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and by His authority, I baptize you in the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

In the baptism in the Holy Ghost. The Baptism in the Holy Ghost and fire is a gift from God as promised by the Lord Jesus Christ to all believers in this dispensation and is received subsequent to the new birth. This experience is accompanied by the initial evidence of speaking in other tongues as the Holy Spirit Himself gives utterance (Matthew. 3:11; John 14:16,17; Acts 1:8; Acts 2:38,39; Acts 19:1–7; Acts 2:1–4).

In prayer. A Christian without condemnation of heart has a right to thank God and be in adoration and in prayer unto the Lord always – Zech. 12:10. His soul thirsts for God – Ps. 42:2. The Holy Spirit helps his infirmities in prayer – Rom. 8:26. We must pray only by the Name of JESUS – John 16:23; Without faith our prayer shall be powerless before God – James 1:6-8; Heb. 11:6. Those who are unable to pray annoy God – Isaiah. 42:22; Isaiah. 64:6-7. Much trouble and danger are encountered in the absence of prayer – Zephaniah 1:4; Dan 9:13-14; Hosea 8:13-14. We are commanded to pray and not to faint and to pray without ceasing – Colossians. 4:2; I Thessalonians. 5:17; I Corinthians. 7:5; Luke 18:1. The Apostles put prayer first in their life and they spent much time in prayer – Acts 6:4; Rom 1:9; Colossians. 1:9. It is God’s plan and order that we should pray to receive all the goods He has promised in His treasure for us – James 4:2; Daniel. 9:3; Matthew. 7:7-11; Matthew. 9:24-29; Luke 11:13.

In divine healing. Healing without medicine is Biblical – Matthew. 4:23; Psalms. 103:3; Sickness is caused because of the fall of man. The force behind this is Satan – Job 2:1-9; Luke 13:16; Acts 10:38. But JESUS came to destroy the works of the devil – I John 3:8. Christ purchased our soul from the curse of sin. He bore our infirmities and carried our sorrow – Matt. 8:15-17.

By His stripes we are healed. Is 53:4-5; Galatians. 3:13; I Peter 2:24. Healing without medicine is of the Gospel – Matthew. 9:35; Mark 6:10-18. We read that the twelve Apostles and the seventy disciples combined healing with their Ministry of the Gospel – Luke 9:1-2; Luke 10:1-9. The Lord commanded us to go into the world, just to teach the nations alone, but that we should also heal the sick – Matthew. 28:19-20; Mark 10:1, Mark 16:15-18.We could obtain our healing in these four ways: 1. By individual prayer – John 14:13-14 2. By two people (or a group of people) who have agreed to pray by faith – Matthew. 18:19-20. 3. By the laying of hands on the head – Mark 16:18; Acts 9:17-18; Acts 28:8. 4. By the Ministry of the Elders, anointing the sick with prayer of faith – James 5:14-15. Special Notice – Before we can work by healing without medicine, we would have sanctified our life – Romans. 6:13, 19; Romans. 12:1; Matthew. 16:24; II Corinthians. 8:5. Many miracles were performed by the Apostles – Acts 9:33-42; Acts 19:11-12; Acts 28:8-9.

We believe in holy matrimony. Marriage is honourable in all – Heb. 13:4. Therefore all members who wish to marry could do so in the church. They are not to follow the worldly pattern ; I John 2:15-17; Romans. 12:2.

  • We believe in Church discipline. Above all, whatever is not Bible teaching should be ignored entirely by all members. If there be found any member disobeying these teachings he may be disciplined privately, but if any backslider would not admit discipline and restitute his way, he may be disciplined openly as it is written in Matt. 18:15-18, So that truth might be established by the witness of two or three according to the Word of God. Rebuke them that sinned before all that others also may fear – I Timothy. 5:20; I Corinthians. 5:1-13; II Corinthians. 2:6-11; Hebrews. 12:5-12.

  • We believe in the Holy Communion. It is instituted by our Lord Jesus Christ shortly before His death. He commanded all Christians to gather together regularly to share the bread and wine till He comes back again – Luke 22:17-20; Matthew. 26:26-29; Mark 14:22-25; I Corinthians. 10:18, 21; Acts 2:42; 20:7; I Corinthians. 11:23-30.

  • We believe in the Church of God. The born-again souls are called the Church of God – Ephesians. 1:22; Colossians. 1:1-18; Ephesians 3:10; 5:24-29. The assembly of the believers, the sanctified souls in Christ Jesus, Those who we call the Holy people of God – I Corinthians. 1:2; Acts 14:23; Phil. 4:15; Acts 13:28. Therefore all that God has called to gather together in a place and fed with the Word of God – Acts 2:41-47; They accept Christ as the head of the Church. They gather from time to time to worship God in truth and Spirit to share the bread and eat. Their major assignment is to spread the Gospel of Christ to all Nations – Matthew. 28:19.