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Who is Christ to you is not a question for the unbelievers, it is a question to believers i.e. those that believe in the birth, death and resurrection of Christ.

A lot of folks in the church are sometimes on the same page as the people in the world, they know the religious stories about Christ, and how he healed, delivered and fed the thousands. Well, that is good but that is not the full measure of who Christ is. That is just the beginning.

Who Christ is to you as a person is the most important or in a way is the best thing that can ever happen to you.

Matt 16: 13-15; The question as seen here was directed to the disciples, his personal elect, his own disciples, not the Pharisees, not the followers, not the world but his very own disciples. But the disciples answered the question in a common view, using what they have heard other say about him. John the Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah and these were the profile they had about him, to some of them he was just even a prophet. Sadly, this is a common view still existing in the church today. The disciples had no knowledge of who they were with. thus, all they could say was the same views as the world. But, we thank God for the spirit of revelation which revealed to Peter and that became the difference in the relationship and knowledge of who Christ is.

Who you know Christ to be is your statement of faith, your victory and confidence in any situation.

Vs 15: Jesus asked, who do you personally say I am, funny how quiet they became, this was as a result of no personal relationship or revelation with or from the master.

This is the way a lot of Christians are, they are in the Church, happy after each service, but once out of the congregation, they are in another mood, worried and troubled by the things of the world… No personal relationship with the Master. You cannot say anything about a referee you do not know.

Going through the Bible, every man or woman that walked with God and was successful had a personal relationship and covenant with him. From Abraham, to Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Deborah, Gideon, Elijah to mention a few, they all had a deep and personal relationship with God.

Gen 32: 22-30; Jacob was afraid of meeting his brother whom he had betrayed, once you are empty, fear comes in. That night Jacob had an encounter with God which caused a total turn around in his life and confidence was raised, his name also was changed.

Vs 30; Jacob erected an altar because he now had a personal encounter with God. As you draw yourself to Christ and seek to know him personally, you will see him face to face in your daily life, you will begin to see him manifesting in you and through you.

1 Samuel 17:45; David did not foolishly confront Goliath, He was confident of his God as a result of his certain personal encounter with him in the forest (vs 34 – 37). If you know who Christ is, what scares others is what stirs courage in you, where others fail is where you succeed most.

Knowing who Christ is to you will keep you focused no matter how big whatever you are facing. It might be in your finance, career, marriage, ministry etc but if you will submit to the Holy Spirit to teach you more about Christ, as you study his words, you will begin to grow more and then you can be above whatever those challenges are.

Daniel 3: 1-18; Sometimes the pressure of Life, Family, Friends and Loved ones come on us because of our confession and we feel like giving up, we feel like are we the only ones, they tell us you are taking it too far, but they that know their God shall do exploits. We can then be able to stand like the Hebrews, planting our feet’s solid on the ground which will bring not only victory but the sight and manifestation of God’s work. Even as the Fire became an Air conditioner for the 3 Hebrews, every pressure that comes towards you will become a lift and stepping stones for promotion. Amen

We as believer, God’s elect need to walk in the fullness of Christ and possess all that belongs to us, we need to exercise that authority through Christ Jesus in the personal relationship with Christ. Knowing who Christ is stirs up your faith, hope, trust and keep you focused. Heb 12: 1-2

Matt.16Vs 16-19; You can’t know Christ without the help of the Holy Spirit. As you create more room for the Holy Spirit, not grieving him and obeying his leading, the more insight you have about Christ. This also strengthens your life as this is your victory and confidence.

Christ revealed his true self to Peter. Knowing who Christ is to you is the gateway to victory over every works of Satan and it activates the power and anointing of whom you have known (Christ). It is the key to the throne of God in heaven, it makes your voice known in the kingdom and heaven begins to acts by your words, you can then take authority over what belongs to you. Situations will no longer put you down but you stand in authority to bind and pull down. As you desire to know him and the power of his resurrection, to have a personal revelation, my prayer is that the Holy Spirit will reveal his true identity to you in Jesus Name. Amen


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